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  • Industry Compliant

    Our factories are ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949 certified keeping to both international and local standards and specifications.
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    Original Equipment Manufacturing

    At SDT, we are able to take your product from an idea, work with you to develop the design, and use our in-house equipment to bring a tangible product to the market.


    We enjoy challenges.

    Specialists in manufacturing high complexity castings adhering to the tightest dimensional tolerances, leakage requirements, and geometrical complexity.

    High Quality Surface finishing

    Advanced Manufacturing Processes

    CNC Machining, Surface Coating, and protection. Our engineers work to achieve the desired finish specified for each component in production.

    Tooling Design

    We enjoy challenges.

    We can assist in designing and manufacturing the perfect mould/die/tooling for your product by providing creative solutions to tooling design, ensuring the product remains true to specification.